Asmeninės fotosesijos, Šeima

Jūra – visuomet geriausia idėja!

Don’t you agree that sea is always a good idea?
One of the prime memories of my childhood are related with the family holidays. Every single summer we were packing our bags, preparing our caravan and leaving for the ten sea inspired days. Maybe because the seaside was five hours away from our home or maybe because the horizon looked like the end of the world through the eyes of the child these journeys were really special.
Thats why I am usually double exited about the seaside photoshoots, but this family completely blew my mind! Three kids and… a huge dog? Can you think about something more chaotic and fun?! I felt like the seventh member of their family and at the same time I was floating in the wind surrounded by their vivacious love.

Location – Olando kepurė / Dutchman’s Cap
Photographer – SESĖ SAULĖ | Greta Juodžiukynaitė